Tongdingzhou Core Business
Mainly engaged in aluminum alloy precision casting, environmentally friendly coated sand, casting materials, machining, metal heat treatment, new product R&D, design and production, tool distribution, non-ferrous metal supply, etc.
Aluminum Alloy Precision Casting /
Aerospace / New Energy / Rail Vehicles / Passenger Cars / Military Industry

Metal Heat Treatment /
Cast aluminum components T6 treatment / Passenger car cylinder block T5 treatment / Passenger car cylinder head T6 treatment / New energy chassis T6 treatment / Locomotive parts T7 treatment
CNC Finish Machining /
Passenger car cylinder block machining / Passenger car cylinder head machining / Diesel engine block machining / Passenger car valve body machining / Internal combustion engine pump body machining
Environmental Coated Sand /
Diesel engine block forming / engine block forming / new energy casing forming / passenger car cylinder head forming / fuselage structural parts forming
Inorganic Reclaimed Sand /
Passenger Car Cylinder Head Forming / Rail Vehicle Hub Forming / Diesel Engine Chassis Parts Forming / Marine Casting Forming / Body Valve Body Forming
Injection Molding Products /
Injection equipment
About Tongdingzhou
Established in February 1999, Yantai Tongdingzhou Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a booming private enterprise greatly supported by Yantai municipal government.
Established in February 1999
Now covers an area of 66,000 square meters
Plant area of 26,000 square meters
13 senior R&D engineers and 16 engineers